Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is my purpose?

This is a question everybody asks at least once in their life. When I was asked this question I first thought of a job, but I knew there was something deeper to it. When it comes to a job I know what I want to do. I want to be a welder and someday have enough money to race full time. Now that is probably a little far fetched, but hey everybody needs dreams.
Welding is what I want as a carrier.
What is my purpose? Well, first of I am a son to my parents Bill and Kathy. I don't know how they did it but somehow they raised me right. They have always supported me in all my choices from quitting wrestling all the way up to my racing. My dad has raised me up to be a worker. He always told me you're not going to be rich, so work for what you want in life. I always have passion for what I do because if I don't work hard people will not respect me.  I feel that my parents are going to really miss me once I go to college and leave the house. It just shows me how great my parents really are.
Another purpose I have is being a big brother. Everybody has heard it, your always going to have your brother or sister. I look back on my life with my brother and think how boring it would have been without him. We have made up so many games together, we still even play some of them today. One thing that really brought me and my brother together was racing. At my old house in the country we had a race track in the back yard. Our favorite thing to do was go out in the rain and race around it because it would be all muddy. Without my brother I would have been lost in my childhood.
A student is definitely one of my purposes in life. I have gone to Aurora Public Schools for twelve big years I believe. Is it bad when you lose count? Probably! Anyways I'm glad that I went to school at Aurora. The one thing i will never lose from this school is my friends. There is such a variety of people that go here it unbelievable, if you cant find friends then I don't really know what to say. Another thing that is great about Aurora is the staff. No where else will you find people that care so much about their students. Any teacher would be happy to help you after class or after school. The guidance councilors have to be some of the best in the state. As for the administrators where else can you find a teacher who is willing to dress up like Mr. Huls on twin day!
I really had to think about something else that was my purpose and I thought of this. I am just a happy person. Is that a purpose? Well sure it purpose is to be happy, which helps me with all the things I've listed before this. I think about it and I have gotten mad very few times in my life. I really like to be positive when im at school. If I get a fifty percent on a math test, who cares! I live by the phrase "life goes on" and let me tell you it does. Have you ever heard the song "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley? If not listen to it because you'll learn that you're gonna make it through whatever happens. Happy is just what I want to do, I like to brighten people's day.Where I got this from I have no idea. I guess its just a quality I possess because nobody in my family really has this attitude.
            To really sum up the question of what is my purpose I don't think anybody could do that. Who really knows their purpose in life? Not me...I expect my purpose to change everyday I am alive. I wake up and just live each day as happy as I can. Now that's not to say every day is going to be a great day, but you can sure try to make it the best day ever. I've really rambled on in this post about my purpose so if you remember one thing let it be this. Lifes a garden baby! DIG IT!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The wonderful state of Nebraska.
 Where Am I?

I was asked to type up a posting about where am I in life. Well being from the big city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a lot different than the little town of Aurora, Nebraska. In my opinion bigger isn't always better because I for one love the small town life in Aurora. Now I can see that if I had grown up in the city I would probably be completely against living in a rural area, not even knowing all the things I would be missing out on.

2009 Aurora Tornado taken by me.

Lets start out with my state, Nebraska, where the prairies roll on for miles...not! When I think of Nebraska that is probably one of the last things I think of. One thing I love about Nebraska is the weather it brings us, the cold winters, brutally hot summers, but my favorite is the spring time thunderstorms. I love the smell of a thunderstorm collapsing down right on top of you, only to be followed by a bright flash of lightning and a death defying thunder. I can remember many times going storm chasing with my dad and brother. We always wanted to see a tornado up close and on the day of June 17th, 2009 we got our chance. Me and my dad had drove out a couple miles past the Iams dog food plant and watched the storm go by for about an hour. I keep telling my dad that we should just go home because nothing was going to happen but he just keep saying to wait a few more minutes. Well what do you know he was right, a funnel slowly dropped out of the sky about five miles in front of us and it wasn't getting any smaller. My dad was driving right in front of its path and we even passed a storm chasing team that was running for cover. It was the most amazing thing once we knew we were out of harms way.

The Aurora Court House.
Living in Aurora I know that if this tornado were to have hit the town the community would have helped anyone they could have. That's just what you get living in a small town, you would never find that kind of hospitality in a big city. When I think of Aurora I think of a farm dominated community. With the ethanol plant, the new Aurora west project, and all the Aurora Coop places we probably couldn't thrive without all of this. The truth is that all these companies offer jobs but they are small jobs. Teens in today's world are told to go off to college and get a good job so they can make lots of money, but is that the right choice? In my opinion there would be nothing better than to stay right here in this town my whole life and start a family. Why? Simply because I don't care about money. Of course I want enough money to support my family and my hobbies but I believe in a small town that its still possible to do this. Things don't cost as much in a small town and you have the great community to help you out. I plan on getting a job in welding and being right back in little old Aurora.

Me and my brother on our go kart.
Even with the great community everybody still needs their private time and what better place than your house. I have never really lived at a house for more than five years. We have lived in two different houses in the country around Aurora, one actually in the town of Aurora, and we have just recently moved to a house in Hampton, Nebraska only a few miles from Aurora. I still consider Aurora my home town. Living in so many different places I feel has actually been an advantage to me. I have gotten to experience almost every possible scenario unlike most kids who are in the same house until they move out. With this experience I know when I move out I want a house in the country. There is nothing better than the peaceful morning sunrises or the full stary night skys. (something you cant even imagine unless you see it for yourself) Another benefit to living in the country is there are a lot more freedoms. You can ride four wheelers or have animals or anything you can think of as long as its not against the law that is.

My girlfriend and I. Phillips Baseball Champs

In conclusion, I have only written a few short paragraphs and I could probably still tell you stories for hours. Teens in big cities will never get to experience these things and I for one feel sorry for them. So you people reading this blog if your thinking about moving away to a big city, just stop and think again. Do you ever want to smell a storm rolling in on a crisp spring afternoon? Do you ever want to be around a community that will do practically anything for you? Do you ever just want to be around your family in a small town? AND do you really want to abandon the place that has raised you to what you have become today? You tell me...DO YOU???

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Am I?



               Who am I? What a good question that is. I’ll start from the beginning where I was born. I was born in the big city of Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved here to Aurora when I was only a year old. My parents are Bill and Kathy and I couldn’t have asked for anybody better to be raised by. I have had one annoying brother to grow up with but what’s a good brother if he isn’t annoying?
               If you look at the pictures above my posting you can pretty much tell I’m a regular small town kid, and I don’t have a problem with that. A small town is where I always want to be; to me it is the only place that is home. Anybody growing up in a city doesn’t know what they’re missing out on. Even if there’s nothing to do you still find something to do with your friends, usually just riding in your truck around the country roads.
                That’s another thing that is very important to me is my friends. If you don’t already know friends are going to be there for you your whole life. Make sure you are picking good friends so you make good choices. One friend that I am especially happy to have is my boss Blaine Mann. If there is one thing this man has taught me it is that hard work pays off and to never slack. Blaine is probably the hardest worker I know and he is a big role model in my life. He may be tough on me but I appreciate it. Another friend I am especially happy to have is my girlfriend Kayla. This girl has kept me out of so much trouble that I don’t even know how to repay her. We have been together for a year and over a half now and I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend in my life. She’s not perfect but how boring would that be if she was! She is one of my best friends and I can trust her with anything. Most importantly we can be ourselves around each other.

A football to symbolize
our family football
                I would like to talk a little about my deep map also. The big picture of my deep map is a steering wheel. This is supposed to represent my hobby of just anything to do with cars. My family is a big cars family we have almost all raced some type of car and know everything there is to know about cars. If you have a question about a car I can most likely answer it. Working on cars is also a way to bond with my family which I feel is important to have in your life. Also on my deep map is a Husker football helmet. I live for Husker football. If there is going to be a game on don’t plan anything with me because my schedule is cleared.
My deep map in the shape of a steering wheel
               The last thing I want to talk about on this little posting is racing. Racing has been in my family since my grandpa raced at Mid-Nebraska Speedway in 1977. My dad, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, and I have all raced in some sort of way. If you have never been to a dirt track race I highly recommend you go to one. There is no better place to get a feel for a sport that has really inspired all the aspects of my life. I have been to so many race tracks across the nation and there has never been a bad one. In the words of Carl Edwards “A bad day at the races is still better than a good day at a normal job.” Trust me I’ve had plenty of those bad days but at the track it doesn’t matter you pick up and still have a great night. This is one of the things I love about racing no matter how bad it gets it is still fun…How can that be a bad thing? Racing is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s in my blood.
                So as you can tell I’m not the average country kid you thought I was going to be. My life completely revolves around my friends and family. Like I said in the beginning of my posting friends can be one of the biggest influences in your life so pick the right ones, I did. Now get out there and enjoy life. Don’t waste your time doing something you don’t love because I sure haven’t regretted it.