Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is my purpose?

This is a question everybody asks at least once in their life. When I was asked this question I first thought of a job, but I knew there was something deeper to it. When it comes to a job I know what I want to do. I want to be a welder and someday have enough money to race full time. Now that is probably a little far fetched, but hey everybody needs dreams.
Welding is what I want as a carrier.
What is my purpose? Well, first of I am a son to my parents Bill and Kathy. I don't know how they did it but somehow they raised me right. They have always supported me in all my choices from quitting wrestling all the way up to my racing. My dad has raised me up to be a worker. He always told me you're not going to be rich, so work for what you want in life. I always have passion for what I do because if I don't work hard people will not respect me.  I feel that my parents are going to really miss me once I go to college and leave the house. It just shows me how great my parents really are.
Another purpose I have is being a big brother. Everybody has heard it, your always going to have your brother or sister. I look back on my life with my brother and think how boring it would have been without him. We have made up so many games together, we still even play some of them today. One thing that really brought me and my brother together was racing. At my old house in the country we had a race track in the back yard. Our favorite thing to do was go out in the rain and race around it because it would be all muddy. Without my brother I would have been lost in my childhood.
A student is definitely one of my purposes in life. I have gone to Aurora Public Schools for twelve big years I believe. Is it bad when you lose count? Probably! Anyways I'm glad that I went to school at Aurora. The one thing i will never lose from this school is my friends. There is such a variety of people that go here it unbelievable, if you cant find friends then I don't really know what to say. Another thing that is great about Aurora is the staff. No where else will you find people that care so much about their students. Any teacher would be happy to help you after class or after school. The guidance councilors have to be some of the best in the state. As for the administrators where else can you find a teacher who is willing to dress up like Mr. Huls on twin day!
I really had to think about something else that was my purpose and I thought of this. I am just a happy person. Is that a purpose? Well sure it purpose is to be happy, which helps me with all the things I've listed before this. I think about it and I have gotten mad very few times in my life. I really like to be positive when im at school. If I get a fifty percent on a math test, who cares! I live by the phrase "life goes on" and let me tell you it does. Have you ever heard the song "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley? If not listen to it because you'll learn that you're gonna make it through whatever happens. Happy is just what I want to do, I like to brighten people's day.Where I got this from I have no idea. I guess its just a quality I possess because nobody in my family really has this attitude.
            To really sum up the question of what is my purpose I don't think anybody could do that. Who really knows their purpose in life? Not me...I expect my purpose to change everyday I am alive. I wake up and just live each day as happy as I can. Now that's not to say every day is going to be a great day, but you can sure try to make it the best day ever. I've really rambled on in this post about my purpose so if you remember one thing let it be this. Lifes a garden baby! DIG IT!

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  1. Cale,

    I loved your light-hearted writing here. You really just take life as it comes, and that is a good thing. I can see why you like the song. It is sure a "small town" song!

    Dr. English